People in IChO

           There were many people in the history of the IChO who contributed to the development of the IChO in a greater extent. The names of those who contributed significantly to the development of the IChO in the first two decades of its existence (in alphabetical order):

W. Bünder (GFR), S. Čuranov (SU), W. Davids (NL), E. Jarisch (A), E. Krajewski (PL), E. Kretschmer (GDR), I. Lindberg (S), A. Sirota (CS).

An accidental meeting after 30 years during the 39th IChO in Moscow in July 2007.

Sergei Tchuranov from Russia  (on the left) 

           was very active during the first years of the IChO competition but then he had to               interrupt his mission in 1977. 

Anton Sirota from Slovakia (on the right),

           who stood at the craddle of the IChO competiton and till now he is active as the   director of the IChO International Information Centre in Bratislava.       

                                                         The three lecturers

These are men who presented a lecture during the final IChO jury meeting on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the International Chemistry Olympiad.   

From the left to the right: 

Manfred Kerschbaumer, Austria (Theoretical part of the IChO competition), 

Gábor Magyarfálvi, Hungary, (Practical part of the IChO competition), 

Anton Sirota, Slovakia, (History of the IChO competition).  

Workshop in Neusiedl, Austria, October 21 – 23, 1994

Members of the working group

Standing from the left:

                                           Manfred Kerschbaumer, Austria 

                                           Alain Vaniche, France

                                           Michael Tinnesand, USA

                                           Sigrid Furuseth, Norway

                                          Robert D. Cook, Canada

                                           Carlos Castro-Acuña, Mexico

                                           Witold Mizerski, Poland

                                           Anton Sirota, Slovakia

                                           Guo-Qing Wu, Peoples Rep. of China 

                                           Vladimir Sorokin, Moscow

Siting from the left:

                                           Wout Davids, Netherlands

                                           Heiner Zechmann, Austria

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