The Catalyzer

The participants of the IChO are eager to get information about the competition, accommodation, transportation, leisure time during the IChO but also about the country, city, and university where the competition is organized. The growing number of participants and countries in IChO makes this hunger for information more actual. The organizers used at first some billboards where the information was published. Later the attempts were made to inform the participants using any written informers in a pressed form. The first attempt to summarize the information in a journal form was made in 1984. This effort ended in appearing a special journal “The Catalyzer” during the 25th IChO in 1993 (Italy) in which the required and necessary information and attractions were published. This was a successful start in a good tradition and today it is possible to conclude that the International Chemistry Olympiad has a newspaper, the Catalyzer, which appears daily during the Olympiad. The responsibility for its contents lies exclusively on the organizers that must respect the conclusions and results of the meetings of the International jury. The Catalyzer may contain news about the student participants and their excursions, articles relevant to chemistry in the host country (for example, famous chemists), jokes, recognition of birthdays, etc. One of the Catalyzers contains the addresses of mentors, observers and students. Hosts usually welcome contributions from all participants!

In the last issue of the Catalyzer the names of those participants are published who gained gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as those who gained honorable mentions.

Compiled and edited by A. Sirota (IChO Intern. Information Centre)

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